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Cheshire East Safeguarding Children’s Partnership

Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East

Business Plan 2017 - 2018

This is the business plan for Cheshire East LSCB for the period covering 2017 - 2018.

The plan summarises our key objectives and how we will achieve them. The plan will be regularly monitored by the LSCB and its Executive Group and forms the basis on which our current and future safeguarding work will go forward for the foreseeable future.

Strategic Partnership Objective Outcome to be achieved

  • Improving frontline practice
  • Children and Families provided with the right level of support and intervention.
  • Strengthening partnerships

The Priorities are;

  1. Implementation of the Neglect Strategy
  2. Improve the Effectiveness of Multi-agency Child Protection Plans/Children in Need
  3. Oversee the Delivery and Engagement with the Early Help Strategy
  4. Strengthen our response to Complex Safeguarding and Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups




Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East