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World Suicide Prevention Day


Tuesday 10 September marks World Suicide Prevention Day, an important awareness event which highlights the vital issue of suicide, and how we can all become better at recognising the signs of someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Every year, suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally for people of all ages and is responsible for over 800,000 deaths. This equates nationally to one suicide every 40 seconds.

For further help we’d also like to make you aware of the ‘Stay Alive’ app, which anyone can download from the app store for their mobile. This is a great tool so please don’t suffer in silence if you’re struggling.

People can use the app if they are having suicidal thoughts or if they are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide. The app is not a substitute for professional services but provides individuals with a tool to be able to support themselves. 


Key features include:

  • Finding help from  local crisis services in the Cheshire & Merseyside area
  • Quick access to UK national crisis support helplines
  • A safety plan that can be filled out and used if a person is in a crisis and needs to keep safe
  • A LifeBox to which the user can upload photos from their phone reminding them of their reasons to stay alive
  • Strategies for staying safe from suicide
  • How to help a person thinking about suicide
  • Suicide myth-busting
  • Research-based reasons for living
  • Suicide bereavement resources 

The Stay Alive free app is available for iOS and Android devices.


Cheshire East Safeguarding Children’s Partnership


 The Cheshire East Safeguarding Children’s Partnership document (PDF,1.73Mb) sets out the arrangements for safeguarding partners to work together with other agencies, to identify and respond to the needs of children in Cheshire East. There is also a 7 minute guide (PDF,433Kb) that provides a summary of the new partnership arrangements.


Cheshire East Safeguarding Children’s Partnership aim to do this through our collective commitment to;


  • Strategic Leadership across the partnership – to make the safety of children and young people a priority.
  • Challenge – through focused inquiries or investigations into particular practice or issues on the basis of evidence, practitioner experience and the views of children and young people, in order for us to improve together
  • Learning – to achieve the highest standards of development and to ensure all practitioners have the skills and knowledge to be effective. This will include listening to the voice of children and young people and using what we hear to inform best practice.

Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East