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Neglect Advice for Children and Young People


Is this you?

Do you feel...

  • Like no one at home listens?
  • Unloved?
  • Angry?
  • Worried about your younger brother or sister?
  • Worried about a parent or carer?
  • Hungry?
  • Different to your classmates?
  • That your clothes aren’t clean?

You can talk to someone in confidence. 

How to spot Neglect.

Is this you or someone you know?

Signs of neglect include:

  • Being smelly or dirty
  • Unwashed clothes
  • Not wearing the right clothes for the weather e.g. no coat
  • Being hungry, no breakfast, lunch or lunch money
  • Untreated injuries that linger and return
  • Dental problems e.g. bad breath or toothache
  • Missed medical appointments
  • Tiredness
  • Poor language and communication skills
  • Living in an unsuitable environment e.g. unsafe, no heating, dog mess not being cleared away
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Self harm
  • Depression
  • Missing school
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Eating disorders

No one should suffer in silence, you are not alone.

Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East