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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

The Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) mandatory reporting duty came into force on the 31st October 2015.  The Home Office has published procedural information on the duty of help health and social care professionals, teachers and the police prepare.

Here is the website link for the written materials - FGM Mandatory Reporting

There is also a video which can be found following this link - FGM Video Link 

Multi agency statutory guidance on female genital mutilation, updated April 2016 

This multi agency statutory guidance sets out the responsibilities within agencies involved in safeguarding and supporting women and girls affected by FGM.

This guidance has three key functions:

  • to provide information on FGM, including on the law on FGM.
  • to provide strategic guidance on FGM for chief executives, directors and senior managers .  
  • to provide advice and support to front-line professionals who have responsibilities to safeguard and support women and girls affected by FGM. And to assist them in:
  • identifying when a girl or young woman may be at risk of FGM and responding appropriately;
  • identifying when a girl or woman has had FGM and responding appropriately; and
  • implementing measures that can prevent and ultimately help end the practice of FGM.

FGM is a criminal offence – it is child abuse and a form of violence against women and girls, and therefore should be treated as such. Cases should be dealt with as part of existing structures, policies and procedures on child protection and adult safeguarding. There are, however, particular characteristics of FGM that front-line professionals should be aware of to ensure that they can provide appropriate protection and support to those affected.

Access the resource pack for further FGM guidance, case studies and support materials for Local Authorities, professional services and specialist voluntary organisations.

Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East