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Serious Case Reviews

Occasionally a child dies or is seriously harmed and there are questions about how services supporting or protecting that child went about their business.

Local Safeguarding Children Boards are required to produce a 'Serious Case Review' to consider what can be learnt from such cases and how services can be improved. Findings from these reviews are sometimes reported in the media.

Cheshire East LSCB has produced a general leaflet:

Serious Case Review: Information leaflet for parents and carers (PDF, 193KB)

Follow this link for a more detailed account of the current model for Serious Case Reviews and the procedures.

Notification process flowchart (PDF, 180KB) - Agencies are asked to complete this referral form (MS Word, 23KB) to request a review

7 Minute Guide - Panel Case (PDF, 244KB) 

Pathways to harm, pathways to protection: a triennial analysis of serious case reviews 2011-2014The link includes materials to support learning in practice for LSCBs, social work and early help, police and criminal justice, health and education practitioners.

Reflective Review

Where a case has not met the criteria for a Serious Case Review, a Multi Agency Review can be undertaken to identify learning across partners.

The Reflective review policy (PDF, 512KB) sets out the process to be undertaken when there has been an incident involving a child or young person.

The NSPCC publishes a national repository of serious case reviews that have taken place.

Reflective review chairs template (MS Word, 522KB)

Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East