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Child Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) are Key Risk Areas within Cheshire East Safeguarding Board’s Business Plan, and has recently been an area of major national concern.

There is Government Guidance for CSE and Criminal Exploitation Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation; Supplementary Guidance to Working Together to Safeguard Children (2017) 

County Lines Criminal Exploitation of Children and Vulnerable Adults.   

Safeguarding Boards for Cheshire East, Cheshire West & Chester, Warrington, and Halton have worked together to establish a common approach, in line with this national guidance

Pan Cheshire Child Exploitation Operating Protocol

All agencies across Cheshire East are fully committed to safeguarding children and young people from being exploited in any way. This includes sexually and criminally including modern slavery, whilst disrupting and prosecuting individuals who have exploited them. The recently updated Pan Cheshire Operating Protocol provides a set of multi-agency principles for tackling Child Exploitation across Cheshire.

Cheshire East

The Safeguarding Childrens Board has a sub-group for Child Exploitation incorporating issues around Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Criminal Exploitation, Missing from Home & Care and Modern Slavery. This is in recognition of these issues often (though not always) being linked. The Sub Group’s Terms of Reference state ‘Children & young people will be safer in Cheshire East because there are effective strategies, policies, procedures, practices, learning and development in relation to Missing From Home & Care and Child Exploitation. It is the responsibility of this sub-group to ensure this happens on behalf of the LSCB.

Child Exploitation Concerns

Concerns for Children:

All cases of suspected, actual or risk of CSE and CCE should be discussed with the Cheshire East Integrated Front Door informed by a completed screening tool. The contact details are:

0300 123 5012 - Option 3 (8.30 am to 5.00 pm) or Out of Hours Tel: 0300 123 5022.

The Child Exploitation Screening Tool (MS Word, 2.70MB)  has been devised to enable frontline practitioners to work through their concerns and identify what the risks are with regards to Exploitation and should always be completed to evidence concerns. Where you are identifying concerns, your agency safeguarding procedures should be followed and the screening tool should be submitted as per instructions on the tool itself. An example of a well completed tool (PDF, 844KB) has also been provided for information purposes. Also see the Pan Cheshire Exploitation Information Form (MS Word, 1.22MB) required when making a referral to the Child Exploitation Operational Group.

Where a case of Child Sexual Exploitation or Child Criminal Exploitation has been identified, the multi-agency procedure will be followed involving an assessment.

Where there are risks to a child of criminal exploitation, the following pathway for response should be followed. Cheshire East Child Criminal Exploitation Pathway (MS Word, 178KB) 

Where the risk for the child is assessed as being high, the need for a Child Exploitation Conference should be considered. The CSE Conference Practice Guidance (PDF, 185KB) report has been produced to provide guidance to assist identifying the need for and requesting a CSE Conference.

All agencies should complete an Initial CSE Agency Report (MS Word, 196KB) prior to a conference.

This is a suggested agenda (PDF, 220KB) to be followed when holding Core Group Meetings regarding children/young people who are subject to CSE Plans.

Young people at risk of exploitation transitioning to adulthood:

Where a young person is approaching the age of 18 but their vulnerabilites and risk are likely to remain, the following procedure should be followed to ensure their needs continue to be met.

Child Sexual Exploitation:Transition to Adult Services Procedure (PDF, 282KB)

Concerns Regarding Persons of Interest and Locations:

It is important that concerns regarding those who may pose a risk to children and locations that may be frequented by perpetrators to identify and groom children are reported so that appropriate disruptions can be put in place.

Concerns should be raised with Cheshire Police via 101.

Professionals should also consider completing a Person of Interest or Location Form (MS Word, 18KB)  and submitting to the relevant inbox identified on the form so that further checks and consideration can be made regarding this information.

CSE and Missing from Home Annual Report

The latest annual report (PDF, 460KB) has now been completed.   This is the Practitioner Guidance that accompanies it (PDF, 294KB). 

Know and See campaign

Pan Cheshire Partners have devised a campaign to raise awareness of Child Criminal and Sexual Exploitation.

This site has an overview of risk indicators, warning signs, case studies and links for help and support.

The site can be accessed via 


Cheshire East Safeguarding Children Board delivers specialist-level training on Child Exploitation throughout the year within its multi-agency training programme.

Commissioned Missing and Exploitation Service

YoungAddaction have been commissioned to deliver support around Missing From Home and Child Exploitation across Pan Cheshire. In Cheshire East, the team work as part of the Integrated Front Door alongside key partners from Cheshire Police, Youth Justice Service, Cheshire East and Health Providers.

Please contact the  LSCB if you would like the YoungAddaction Service Leaflet and the Child Criminal Exploitation Pack for more information on how the service may be able to support young people and professionals.

Should you wish to contact YoungAddaction contact details are: or 01606 288860



There are many resources publicly available with regards to CSE and CCE. It is important that professionals are aware of the resource they are using prior to using it with a child and important that the work is specific to the needs of the child.

 Here are some of the resources available:


Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East